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Built-Up Roofing

Looking for a Built-Up Roof in Bellevue Washington?

While there are certainly several covering options widely available, built-up roofing (BUR) may perhaps be most ideal for your home or company. If you want a durable, high-quality, waterproof roof but are not sure what kind you need, then call us today at Roofing101 to speak to our industry experts. With a quick, free, no-hassle quote, our skilled roofers can help you get more information on whether a built-up covering is right for you. Serving Seattle, Bellevue, and the surrounding areas, call Roofing101 for a free estimate today!

Why Choose a Built-Up Roof?

As it is very hard-wearing, with a proven record of high reliability, BUR is very popular, especially in commercial venues. Both contractors and company owners have relied on this type of covering system for many years, because of its remarkable results. So why should you opt for a built-up covering?

Defense – Get the ultimate defense to protect your structure with multiple layers of bitumen and saturated felts. Thus, you’re assured a barrier that is truly waterproof, for a covering that will definitely last for decades.

Energy efficiency – With high reflectivity values, the specialized coatings on the roof help regulate and maintain indoor temperatures. As such, cooling and heating systems are relied upon much less, thus saving you on energy costs.

Resilience – What’s more, BUR systems also provide excellent protection against the elements, proven to safeguard from strong winds and fire.

Call Roofing101 for a Waterproof Installation

Call Roofing101 for quality, cost-effective covering solutions today. Get a free, no-obligation for your Bellevue residential or commercial property and see what type of roofing system is most ideal. When you want unbeatable, friendly service from honest experts, you want our professionals at Roofing101.